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Billing Policy

Bills will be rendered bi‐monthly (every two months) through the U.S. Postal Service to the address last provided in writing by the customer.  Payment must be received by 5:00pm on the due date noted on the bill (not less than 30 days after the billing date) or postmarked 3 days prior to the noted due date with legible Postal Service imprint (Postage machine imprint not acceptable).  If payment is not received by the due date, a penalty of 10% of the billed amount, $2.00 minimum, will be added, and a second notice shall be rendered stating in direct terms that water and/or sewer service shall be discontinued if the bill plus penalty is not paid by the date indicated on the Past Due Notice.  Penalty amounts assessed shall be credited if payment is subsequently received with postmark as specified above.  Once Authority personnel are dispatched for service disconnection, a reconnection charge of $50.00 will be assessed.  If the Authority determines that a customer has turned a water meter on to restore water service after it has been turned off by the Authority for non‐payment or has damaged the meter or meter box while attempting to turn the water on, a Tamper Fee of $50.00 plus equipment replacement costs will be charged in addition to the Reconnection Fee.  If the past due account of a sewage only customer is disconnected, a $140.00 fee will be assessed.  All outstanding fees and costs must be paid before service is restored.

Billing Adjustments

Adjustments to water and/or sewer bills can be made by the Authority Administrator for excessive consumption due to an undetectable leak or break on the customer side of the meter in accord with Authority operating policy entitled “Excessive Bills”.

Billing Grievance

Should any customer dispute the amount of the bill rendered, the customer shall file a written claim at the Authority’s office prior to the due date noted on the bill.  The claim shall include the name and address of the customer, account number and actual details of the basis for the disputed amount.  The claim shall be signed by the customer.

Upon receipt of the claim concerning the billing disputed, the Authority’s Administrator shall attempt to resolve the dispute within the framework of the Operating Policies of the Authority.

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the dispute by the Administrator, the customer may file a written appeal within five days with the Authority Board.  The customer shall be notified of the meeting date at which the Authority Board will hear the appeal.

The customer may be represented by anyone at an Authority Board meeting where the claim will be heard.  The customer shall present its side of the dispute; the staff shall present its actions concerning the matter.  The Authority Board shall consider all facts and shall rule on the dispute and may make appropriate billing adjustments and take any other actions consistent with the Operating Policies of the Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority.   The resolution of the dispute and the reasoning therefore shall be provided to the customer in writing.  The customer shall pay all costs decided by the Authority Board within five days of the decision.  If not paid, water service shall be discontinued in accordance with the Billing Policy.

The decision of the Authority Board shall be consistent with the Operating Policies of the Authority, shall be signed by the Secretary of the Authority Board, and shall be final.  Water and/or sewer service shall not be discontinued or payment demanded until the complete Claim Procedure has run its course and the dispute in question has been resolved.

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