Inspection Fees

Adopted April 7, 2009

For Water/Sewer Line Extensions

The basic inspection fees are priced per linear foot and are based on our historical inspection cost data for water and sewer line extensions.

Basic Inspection Fees


$2.00/linear foot as measured along main


$3.35/linear foot as measured along main

Included in the basic inspection fees are an initial test and one re-test of a section of line or structure. Should a section of line or structure fail both tests, subsequent tests will be assessed the applicable re-test fee. If a test does not begin within 30 minutes of the scheduled time, due to equipment malfunction, the test will be considered a failed test.

Re-Test Fees:

Water Pressure Test


Sewer Pressure Test


Sanitary Manhole Vacuum Test


Inspection hours are non-holiday weekdays from 8:30 to 4:30. If the Authority inspector is required to leave the office before 8:00 or return after 5:00 in order to meet the contractor’s schedule his time will be deemed after hours and after hours inspection fees will apply.

After Hours Inspection Fees:

Min. each occurrence


After first 2 hours on a given day.


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