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Water Service and Meter Damages

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology has continued to advance and Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority (CCUSA) decided in 2006 to implement another phase in its technological vision by upgrading its AMR System.   These AMR meters are situated along roughly 182 miles of CCUSA owned water lines, many of which are located in rural areas and are difficult to access.


Tampering with a water meter is illegal and could result in fines and/or imprisonment.  Not only is this illegal which ultimately costs all CCUSA customers, but it could also create a cross connection with non-approved sources. (See our web site at www.ccusa-water.com to learn more about the Cross Connection Program)

Meter and/or service Damages

CCUSA is experiencing more damages caused by lawn mowing activities, especially with the meter transmitters which protrude through the meter box lid.  Generally the water service is located at the edge of private property.  It is positioned at this location to protect it (as much as possible) from traffic and other activities that could cause damage.  Please take responsibility to protect this device.  If you contract your mowing activities please advise the contractor of the meter location.  Damaging the meter and/or service box could cost you several hundred dollars to repair or replace. Always lift your mower deck (blades) or trim around the water meter box with a string trimmer.  Please contact the CCUSA office for more information, 434-239-8654.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.

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