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Water Service Line Repair Insurance

The Authority does not offer private water line repair insurance to our customers. However, the Authority has received inquiries from customers about the legitimacy of independent companies that do offer water line repair insurance. Although there are some very legitimate and reputable companies that do offer this type of insurance, the Authority urges all of its customers to thoroughly research the validity of each company through the Better Business Bureau, check with the Campbell County Department of Revenue to see if the company has a license to do business in Campbell County and check the company's references.

The number one question that most customers ask; is this type of insurance a good value. The Authority's position is that like most insurance, each customer must evaluate the risk. It is suggested that customers ask their plumber for an estimate to repair a water line leak and weigh the cost against the benefit provided by the insurance carrier.

Click here for a sample of an insurance offer received in Campbell County.

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